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Adidas And Zeal Ski Goggles

Why Wear Sunglasses In Winter Snow

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In the winter months, though we do not feel the intensity of the sun on us, the sun is closer to the earth. The position of the sun results in a greater exposure to harmful UV rays upon exposure for long duration. Thus, we family sunglasses wintershould consider wearing sunglasses during the winter.

In areas where there are stretches of snow and ice, there is the sun rays’ reflection and glare on the snow, which again, hits harder than you think. Moreover, if you are into snow sports like skiing, it is especially important to protect your eyes with well-fitting, feature-laden goggles to protect your eyes from glare, UV rays, wind, and other elements you are exposed to over long periods of the sport.

It is, therefore, a good idea to invest in a pair of suitable ski goggles if you are into snow sports or you are exposed to such conditions.

Many well-known brands manufacture special eyewear that is very well suited for snow sports. Read on, for information on a couple of such branded ski goggles.

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Adidas Ski Goggles

With over seventy years of experience in the sporting industry, Adidas has started manufacturing quality eyewear suited for different sports activities. They have now extended their knowledge and experience to their ski goggles.

Their ski goggles are styled with oversized lenses that help offer maximum peripheral views and a decent low profile look. You can choose from various lens tints and colors.

Adidas use LST (Light Stabilizing Technology) lenses in their ski goggles. These lenses work by equalizing color, which leads to an enhanced perception of primary colors and thus, enhancing the contrast. LST lenses also highlight more detail in the snow due to their ability to filter specific wavelengths of light. LST lenses used by Adidas include LST Active Silver and the latest, LST Bright Blue Mirror, which performs great in low-light conditions.

A few of their ski goggles include

  • The Backland - These look stylish with their rimless design and mirrored lenses.
  • The Progressors - These offer high-quality spherical or cylindrical lens pods. They ensure a combination of a great fit and comfort. This group includes the award-winning and latest addition, the Progressor Splite and the Progressor Pro Pack. The Progressor Splite is a lightweight and comfortable model that includes the latest technology like spherical LST lenses, anti-fog double lens, dual density face foam, and Climacool Ventilation system. The Progressor Pro pack features the ground-breaking Lens Pod system.

All the models in the new range of Adidas ski goggles are compatible with the brand’s prescription a747 inserts, thus enabling comfortable use by people needing corrective vision too.

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Zeal Ski Goggles

Zeal is known for manufacturing the highest quality sports eyewear including ski goggles and testing every product in real conditions. The results are products that are not only stylish to look at but also great performers.

One such example is the Zeal Optics Automatic+ lens. This patented lens uses advanced photochromic technology and features polarized protection; thus, it adjusts to changes in the light conditions. The UV-activated lens responds to ambient light and changes from a low-light yellow base to a high-contrast persimmon to account for the changes in the mountains like relief and elevation.

Another technology used by Zeal is its injected polycarbonate spherical lenses, which ensure even dispersion of stress for greater visual clarity with minimal distortion. Zeal also uses advanced anti-fog features using Everclear, which uses a hydropholic infusion technology, which has been seen to withstand fogging for over 220 seconds in a controlled environment.

Zeal also features prescription Ski Goggles to enable use by everyone.


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