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Sheridan Optometric Centre Visits Maui Jim’s Peoria, IL Headquarters

Tour through the offices, labs & manufacturing facility witness what it means to work for Maui Jim.

sheridan at maui jim1Our optical staff was able to take a tour through the labs and be able to see first hand the making of their polarized lenses from beginning to end, along with all their repairs and warranties.

While touring, we learnt a lot about their commitment to customer care. They dedicate a large department that deals only with the satisfaction of customers.

This is one of the reasons, that we at Sherdian Optometric Centre formed a relationship with Maui Jim and carry their sunglasses.

They produce a super high quality product that they stand by and so do we. Maui Jim shares the same values we in Mississauga like to live by, that is, customer satisfaction is key. A happy customer is our, and their number one priority.

For clear, comfortable vision outdoors or when driving, prescription sunglasses eliminate glare which can reduce vision and cause eye strain.

Maui Jim’s Headquarters | American-Based Manufacturer Of Eyewear

Maui Jim’s largest American based Offices located in Peoria, IL, houses a 25k square foot lab, repairs and retail store.

Maui Jim even has a “Wall of Shame”. What is that you may ask? Maui Jim honors it’s warranties no matter what may happen to the sunglasses or what they may look like. That said, It is a wall that showcases all types of broken sunglasses that have been sent in for repair or replacement.

For example, in the past they have received and honored a beat up and melted pair, as well as an exploded pair of sunglasses. Now yes, that may be extreme and not generally the normal wear and tear of sunglasses. However, for Maui Jim, nothing is too out of the ordinary for them to cover it on warranty.

While we were touring we noticed this was not one of your typical workplaces. They offer for their employees free snacks, coffee that of which you would find in a fancy coffee shop, a gym, etc…. All that they offer is similar to that of a high tech workplace atmosphere.

Sheridan Optometric Centre happened to be lucky enough to have the opportunity to be one of the test practices in Mississauga when Maui Jim launched their Opthalmic line in Canada.

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