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I have been coming to Sheridan Optometric each year for over 15 years. The team has always been very knowledgeable and helpful when helping me choose a pair of glasses most suited to my face as well as my strong prescription. What impresses me most is the time Dr. DiBerardino and now for the past 4 years, Dr. Hwang, take during my yearly checkup. The doctors take their time to do a thorough "eye physical" and I never feel rushed through an examination. This kind of treatment is not only refreshing, but as patients, we are made to feel like our health really matters. To me, this makes the difference between good eye doctors and great eye doctors and that's why my two kids have been coming to see Dr. Hwang for their yearly eye check-up since they were toddlers.Dr. DiBerardino and now Dr. Hwang have been following a condition of a thinning retina which could lead to detachment and blindness. In a recent exam, Dr. Hwang thought it was time for me to see a specialist as she thought she could see 2 tiny holes. The specialist confirmed what Dr. Hwang had suspected and commented twice that he was both surprised and impressed my doctor caught it. It was easily repaired with a laser treatment. Thanks to the team at SO for many years of great eye care!

- Roseanne Mississauga ON