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Digital Devices Can Affect Your Eyes!

Why are digital screens bad for you and your family? 

Our Optometrists and Optical staff in Mississauga make it a point to explain to our patients the effects of blue light. Blue light is present in sunlight, indoor lighting, cell phones and computers.

Below we have included some of the latest research on this topic, but it is important to highlight that there is little data on the long-term effects of blue light at the quantities that we are exposed to in the digital age.

At Sheridan Optometric Centre in Mississauga, we are proud to offer a large selection of blue light blocking computer glasses, lens coatings, and contact lenses for kids and adults.

What Does Blue Light Exposure Do?

Blue Light Causes Digital Eye Strain

Blue light is much less focused than other colors on the spectrum, which means that your eyes need to work harder to see something on a computer or phone. Computer glasses or contacts that block blue light have been shown to greatly improve the contrast, which in turn reduces the need to focus and keeps your eyes from feeling tired and over worked. Ask your Mississauga optometrist if computer glasses are right for you.

Blue Light And Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of Blindness for Canadians over the age of 60. Blue light exposure is particularly concerning for patients at risk of Macular Degneration, because blue light is so easily able to penetrate to the retina and cause damage. Below are some helpful links to research on the effects of blue light on the eye, including some links observing the connection between exposure and Macular Degeneration.

Blue Light and Children's Eyes

The average child spends over 2 hours per day using digital devices such as cell phones, tablets, televisions, and computers. During that time their eyes are exposed to harmful blue light. Unlike adults, the lenses in our children's eyes are much clearer, allowing over 3 times as much blue light to penetrate to the retina than an adults eyes. Because so little research has been done on the long term effects of blue light exposure from childhood, our Mississauga Optometrists recommend extra protection for children.

Research On The Effects Of Blue Light On The Retina

Braunstein and Sparrow demonstrated that blue light kills cells and that a blue light blocking lens is effective at reducing damage.

Research suggesting a link between exposure to blue light over 20 years and incidence of Age Related Macular Degeneration (one of the leading causes of legal blindness in the world).

Study claiming significant measurable damage from blue light “the blue light hazard (excitation peak 440 nm), have been shown to have a major impact on photoreceptor and RPE function, inducing photochemical damage and apoptotic cell death”

Research mimicking house lighting to study the effects on the retina showed “Compared with the control group , the white LED group exposed to 750 lux white LED light for 28 days exhibited pyknotic photoreceptor nuclei, swelling of the inner segment, and a disorganized outer segment. ONL thickness was significantly decreased at day 9 and day 28 in the white and blue LED groups

Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Lens Coatings & Contacts

Blue Light Protection at Our Mississauga Optical

Our Optical staff has selected some of the most effective blue light blocking glasses, contacts, and lens coatings available.

Blue Light Filtering Lenses:

Maui Jim HEV: Maui Jim once again leads the way with the most effective blue light and UV protection. With 95% of harmful blue light and 100% of UV rays being filtered, this is just another reason why Maui Jim gets our admiration.

BluSelect: This lens has a unique UV420+ coating that provides excellent filtering of blue light.

Nikon Seecoat Blue: Ideal for the computer user who is also looking for UV protection on their glasses. These lenses automatically adjust to the light level while providing superior protection from UV and blue light.

Shamir Blue Zero: Offering protection from blue light and UV rays to both children and adults, the Shamir Blue Zero is considered one of the most effective lenses at blue light filtering.

Biofinity Energys: These contact lenses not only block blue light, they are designed to provide the ultimate comfort for someone who spends a lot of time on the computer.

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