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Should You Buy Kids Glasses Online?

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Mississauga Optometrists Warn About Buying Glasses Online

The lure of buying your child’s glasses online is strong, as many times there is a noticeable difference in price. Especially if you have more than one child, or the child that loses their glasses a lot, purchasing at a cheaper price online may seem appealing. If the title of this post didn’t give you a hint, our optometrists caution that the hidden costs of buying online, just don’t justify the cheaper prices.

Why Are Kids Glasses Different?

Many times we assume children and adults are the same, but for buying glasses, that is not at all the case.

  1. Children may not notice if something is off or may consider it normal, meaning that they can go the whole year with poor vision. This can be detected easily when trying on the glasses at our Mississauga clinic.
  2. We see kids all day with ill-fitting frames. Kids head, bridge, pupillary distance and other measurements are important to take into account when fitting children with glasses. A child with glasses slipping half way down their nose will not perform well in school. School learning is 80% visual, poor fitting frames will lead to poor school performance.