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Sheridan Contact Lens Care


Today there are more convenient and healthy contact lens choices than ever before. Whatever your vision challenge, it can likely be met with specialty contact lenses for individual vision needs.

Our doctors highly recommend yearly eye exams for contact lens wearers. It is also recommended to have a Contact Lens Assessment during your routine eye examination.

Your Contact Lens Assessment at our office will include the following procedures:

  • Vision assessment with your contact lenses
  • Over-refraction (refraction with your contact lenses to assess the need to update your contact lens prescription)
  • Assessment of the contact lens fit
  • Assessment of your contact lenses for lipid or protein deposits, tears or defects
  • Thorough examination of the anterior surface of the eyes including:
    • Cornea (for dryness, inflammation or infections) due to contact lens wear
    • Conjunctiva and Eyelids (for signs of inflammation or infection) due to contact lens wear
  • Assessment of the candidacy to upgrade your current contact lenses to a newer material, including fitting of the new contact lenses