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Patient Testimonials

We really appreciated!

My whole family have been visiting here for eye exam and eye glasses for more than 5 years. Dr. Hwang is excellent, and the staff are awesome too. My son broke his glasses couple of times by accident but each time they repaired the glasses in an hour for free. We really appreciated.

- Steven G. Mississauga

Compassionate, genuine, patient!

Sheridan Optometric is full of special people. Dr. Mus is professional and caring. He goes out of the way with advice, follow up, referrals because he puts his patients vision care front and centre to his vocation. The office staffs are patient to train my daughter with contact lens. They looked after my son's glasses when it did not fit his face. My eye conditions are very complex with many different eye care centre visits for many years all over the GTA. I am so glad with the eyes complexities I have Dr. Mus to walk me through it. And with all the visits across GTA-none can compare to this. Compassionate, genuine, patient, faithful than Sheridan Optometric. Thank you also to other staffs: Michelle, Dorothy, Theresa, Jenny , Joyce et all. We are very grateful to all of you.

- Queeni H. Mississuaga

Always on time!

I have been a patient here for 13 years. They are always on time, are very professional and I never feel pressured to buy glasses here.

- Rhonda G. Mississauga

I would absolutely recommend this optometric centre!

I met with Dr. Mus for a routine eye exam. He was fantastic and took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns. I did not feel rushed at all! I also ordered contacts from them for a fantastic price (the cheapest I have found by far) and the best part is that they come with a supply of free contact solution. I would absolutely recommend this optometric centre!

- Rosanna C. Mississauga

Exceptional eye care service!

My mother and I were fortunate to become patients of Dr. Lum when she operated out of Hopedale Mall, Oakville. The opportunity for more convenient appointment times made us choose to see Dr. Lum in her Mississauga location at the Sheridan Optometric Centre. What we discovered here was a state of the art facility, a one stop place for exceptional eye care service with a wonderful selection of eye care products. This truly professional team of optometrists and caring staff coupled with the pleasant atmosphere they provide for their patients will ensure our return for future eye care needs. Thank you, Dr. Lum, for your exceptional skill, care and concern.

- Anonymous

I would definitely recommend this optometrist office!

This place is great! I went in for a routine eye exam and followed up with visits to purchase and pickup frames. Each of my visits were relaxed and efficient. On top of that, the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The optometrist spoke a little fast, but that just shows how knowledgeable he was. The lady assisting me on my second visit was very patient through my long and enduring "selection process". The office is located right off the highway (with the added bonus of free parking right in front). Also, their on-line appointment request form is very easy to use. I would definitely recommend this optometrist office!

- Jane J. Toronto

We would not consider going anywhere else!

My family have been attending Sheridan Optometric Centre for at least 15 years (probably closer to 20). My grandson has now visited.  We would not consider going anywhere else.  We have full confidence in all the staff - from the eye exams to the choosing of eyewear. Without hesitation, I would definitely recommend this optometrist office.

- Margaret L. Mississauga

A great company!

I have been going to Sheridan Optometric Centre since 2004.  Great staff, most helpful at all times and have worked there a very long time.  I have contact lenses and glasses and sunglasses from here.  Dr. Lum is terrific.  I love their trunk Maui Jims A great company, excellent staff and beautiful product !

- Natalie W. Oakville, ON

Great experience!

The experience was great! I definitely will recommend it to my friends.

- Minlei Y. Mississauga

They have great prices on contacts, and are very efficient.

Great experience visiting the optometrists. They listen to my concerns and answer my questions. They have great prices on contacts, and are very efficient.

- Yelo B. Mississauga ON

The staff were knowledgeable and kind.

I was seen at my scheduled time and the process was smooth and clear. The staff were knowledgeable and kind.

- Sam G. Mississauga ON

Thanks to the team at SO for many years of great eye care!

I have been coming to Sheridan Optometric each year for over 15 years. The team has always been very knowledgeable and helpful when helping me choose a pair of glasses most suited to my face as well as my strong prescription. What impresses me most is the time Dr. DiBerardino and now for the past 4 years, Dr. Hwang, take during my yearly checkup. The doctors take their time to do a thorough "eye physical" and I never feel rushed through an examination. This kind of treatment is not only refreshing, but as patients, we are made to feel like our health really matters. To me, this makes the difference between good eye doctors and great eye doctors and that's why my two kids have been coming to see Dr. Hwang for their yearly eye check-up since they were toddlers.Dr. DiBerardino and now Dr. Hwang have been following a condition of a thinning retina which could lead to detachment and blindness. In a recent exam, Dr. Hwang thought it was time for me to see a specialist as she thought she could see 2 tiny holes. The specialist confirmed what Dr. Hwang had suspected and commented twice that he was both surprised and impressed my doctor caught it. It was easily repaired with a laser treatment. Thanks to the team at SO for many years of great eye care!

- Roseanne Mississauga ON