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Improving Your Teen’s Self-Esteem with Contacts

Requiring glasses is often difficult for a teenager. In comparison with glasses, children and teenagers that wear lenses feel a significant improvement in their appearance, a newly published study shows.

What is it about contacts that adolescents prefer? Teens are insecure, and they often feel more attractive and accepted if they don't have eye glasses being the focus of their appearance. Lenses may help young adults feel greater self-esteem and more comfort around others by giving them a less obvious option for their vision needs.

Moreover, contact lenses are better for young adults who participate sports. For teenagers, contacts can be more protective than eyeglasses in many situations. Unlike glasses, lenses are a lot more durable during football, and other rough sports. Contacts are also more convenient when participating in sports that necessitate face shields. By allowing for a complete range of vision, they may also enhance teen's peripheral vision during sport games.

Of course before your child tries contacts you should ask your eye care practitioner to find out about any possible problems your child might have. Our optometry practice located in Mississauga, ON, will be glad to help you in determining the right prescription for your young adult's contact lenses.

If your child or teenager needs vision correction, why not consider contacts? Through something as simple as a contact lens, you can really change your teen's life. With the wide selection of contacts on the market, you and your eye doctor can work with your child to determine what modality best fits their character and style of life.