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How Do I Know When I Need a Comprehensive Eye Exam?


This month is Healthy Vision Month. When was the last time you had a comprehensive eye exam? Checking your eyes annually is one of the most effective steps you can take to guarantee your eyesight remains strong and healthy. During this procedure, your eye care professional checks your eyes, making sure you're clear of frequently occurring eye diseases and vision issues, some of which lack early warning signs.
A comprehensive dilated eye exam is something a lot of people are not familiar with. It differs from a typical eye exam one might get for glasses or contact lenses in that it is performed to detect eye diseases which have not yet fully developed, before vision loss can occur.
The session will start with what's referred to as a visual acuity test, which uses an eye chart to assess how well you see at various distances. The outside of your eye also gets tested.  You will also be screened for signs of glaucoma. Your optometrist will do this by measuring the pressure in your eye.
Once your tests are finished, your optometrist will place drops on the surfaces of your eyes, which dilates your pupils, which helps to carry out the comprehensive internal evaluation of your eyes. You'll then wait 20 - 30 minutes until the drops take effect. Your optometrist will then implement the use of a specialized magnifying tool to check your eye's interior, which includes your retina. This part of the exam really matters, because it provides vital information about the health of your eyes, as well as information about your overall health. To give an example, it can show warning signs of diseases such as diabetes and also point to unhealthy blood pressure.
When your exam is over, your pupils will still be dilated until the eye drops wear off, and this can make your eyes quite light-sensitive, so we recommend bringing a pair of sunglasses along to reduce light and glare sensitivity on the way home.
It's time to take the extra measure for your vision. Commit to making your eye health a priority, and schedule a comprehensive eye exam today.