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We carry a large selection of top quality sunglasses for every lifestyle.  From polarized lenses for water and snow enthusiasts to ski goggles (Rx or non-Rx), specialty lenses for running and cycling, sunglasses for babies and children and sunglass readers.  We have you covered - with 100% UV ptotection, of course!

Our most popular lines include Maui Jim, Adidas, Fendi, Coach, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Salvatore Ferragamo and Rayban.


  • For clear, comfortable vision outdoors or when driving, prescription sunglasses eliminate glare which can reduce vision and cause eye strain.
  • If you are into snow sports like skiing, it is especially important to protect your eyes with well-fitting, feature-laden goggles to protect your eyes from glare, UV rays, wind, and other elements you are exposed to over long periods of the sport.
  • Think fashion and function when choosing the right shades for you.
  • Activity-specific lenses can enhance whatever activities you enjoy.
  • Because children spend so much time outdoors in direct sunlight, they need sun protection even more than adults.