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Shamir and Nikon Lenses In Mississauga

Shamir Lenses – Exclusively Designed to Re-create Perfect Vision

Shamir lenses are designed exclusively with patented, proprietary EyePoint technology to recreate natural vision. The technology behind Shamir lenses is a state-of-the-art software tool that engages ray-tracing in computing as well as stimulating human vision.

Different Types of Shamir Lifestyle Lenses

Shamir Customized Prescription Lenses

For those looking for innovative lenses to recreate their vision in style, the Shamir customized prescription lenses will surely grasp your attention. This category of lifestyle custom prescription lens will surpass your expectation of customized lenses. They are designed to offer you the following features and benefits;

    • Clear, optimum super-quality vision
    • Suitable for any frame you choose
    • The lenses are designed specifically to suit your personality and your vision needs.


Shamir Prescription Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from U-V rays is something you want to do in style with Shamir prescription sunglasses. The superb benefits and features of the prescription sunglasses include;

  • Clear, optimum quality vision
  • Absolute UV protection
  • Suitable for size and shape of a sunglass
  • Lenses designed particularly for your lifestyle and UV protection need
Shamir Computer Eyeglasses

Working in front of your computer for long hours can be wearisome to the eyes. Unfortunately, this gadget is almost a do-without for most people in this 21st century and beyond. Luckily, you can look at your computer screen for long hours without wearing your eyes out – the Shamir computer eyeglasses provide protection for your eyes while working with your computer. The features and benefits of the computer eyeglasses include;

  • Protective lenses, not just for computer users but also for gadget users
  • Elimination of eye fatigue and eyestrain
  • Quality, clear vision as you look at your computer screen
Shamir Prescription Sports Glasses

Protecting your eyes while performing your favorite sports is necessary.  The great news is that you can find prescription sports glasses that will protect your eyes and offer you a stylish look. Shamir prescription glasses are designed with the following qualities and benefits;

  • Absolute impact resistance
  • High performance, targeted at sports prescription sunglasses
  • Absolute UV protection
Shamir Autograph Lenses

Shamir autograph lenses are designed to progressively improve your vision. These special lenses are based on recent concept in lens design. As a balanced progressive lens, Shamir autograph is adapted holistically to the prescription of a patient, resulting in a comfy ad clear visual experience for anybody.

Shamir logo

Nikon Lenses – Designed for Different Purposes and Lifestyle

Nikon lenses are both innovative and stylish, and will suit your lifestyle and vision need. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re at home, in the office or having fun outdoors, you will find a pair of Nikon lenses to suit your various needs and lifestyle. Our Mississauga Optical prides itself on using the highest quality lenses on the market.

Nikon logo
Nikon Lenses for Office Work

Office tasks are quite strenuous to the eyes, not just your body. Spending extensive time in front of a computer screen is common among people executing office tasks. According to a certain research, 7 out of 10 individuals show symptoms of eyestrain from digital devices, especially those with led screens.

Nikon office lenses are specially designed for users of smart devices such as computers and smart-phones. They have been coated with elements that partly eliminate the devastating-prone blue light that digital screens emit.

Consequently, you are able to reduce or eliminate;

  • Fatigued eyes
  • Eye strain
  • Burning or dry eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Headaches
  • …and more
Nikon Lenses for Indoor Hobbies

Your indoor hobbies can be impactful to the eyes in a negative manner, especially when you spend a longer time on those hubbies.  Typical examples are video games and watching the television.

Most of us are addicted to digital devices – led screen televisions, tablets, and smartphones. As a result, our eyes are badly strained since we’re spending long hours with the digital gadgets.

Therefore, it’s very important to protect and care for our eyes. One of the great ways to accomplish this is to use eye-glasses that target our vision needs while looking at our gadgets.

Nikon lenses for indoor-activities are well-adapted to protect your eyes while spending time with your favorite indoor activities.

Nikon Lenses for Driving

Use special Nikon lenses designed for driving to make your driving smoother and safer. It is very necessary to have quality and clear vision when driving. It’s a great way to stay safe and also aid other road users to stay safe. Besides, you will experience increased comfortable driving experience.

These special lenses for driving will protect your vision from the impact of the following;

  • Eye strain or eye fatigue
  • Bright sunlight
  • Headlight glare from other cars facing you
  • Peripheral vision difficulty – e.g. looking at your side mirrors
  • Glare or reflection on snowy or wet roads

These lenses for driving perform optimally whether you’re driving during the day or night. Some of the Nikon lenses targeted at driving include the Nikon anti-reflective coatings – high performance and great for unwanted reflection that prevents proper focus while driving.

Nikon Lenses for Sports and Outdoors

You can enjoy your outdoor activities better with the right lenses. While catching fun outdoor, you don’t want to impact your vision negatively. This is why Nikon lens solution for sports and outdoors provide clear vision, whether from afar or near. As a result, you are able to protect your eyes while enjoying your favorite outdoor activities under any weather condition.

Generally, Nikon lenses for outdoors promote;

  • Great vision at far and near distances
  • Great shock resistance with the strong lenses
  • Blockage of unwanted reflections with the anti-glare treatment feature
  • Scratch resistance – you can also clean them with ease
  • Light filtration, to prevent alteration of your color perception
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Vision correction with specialized Nikon lenses and frames

Choosing Your Lenses and Eyewear

Selecting your lenses and eyewear generally is an important step and decision. This is because it involves not just function but style. In essence, while protecting our eyes, you should also be able to make fashion statement with your eyewear.

Your brain gets visual info from your prescription lenses because you are able to see comfortably and clearly. Also, when you choose your lenses properly, you are able to shield your eye’s inner systems from the damaging impact of UV rays.

At the same time, your eyewear frame can impact your face’s appearance dramatically. This is where making a statement and showcasing your personal style comes in while at the same time protecting your eyes.

These days, there are wide range of lens and frame options, plus optical technologies, making it quite a daunting task to select a proper eyewear. However, when you evaluate your vision and eye protection needs with the help of our optometrists, you would end up with the right eyewear for you.

The essence of ophthalmic lenses is to recreate natural vision. Wide range of lenses designs are available for specific visual needs and tasks. Both Shamir and Nikon lenses are designed to target different visual tasks and needs.

For instance, the premium PAL Shamir Insight’s Genesis premium offers extensive areas of clear vision. Tons of hobby and occupational arenas , especially computer use need a lens that particularly suits small spaces; the Shamir Insight’s Office lens is a suitable lens option for this purpose.

Also, frames are major decision when it comes to eyewear. This is why you should go for a frame design that is suitable for your prescription. Our optometrists are right here to help you in making this important choice.

It’s also important that your frames are cosmetically appealing. As a result, you need to integrate factors such as your face shape, complexion and personal style when it comes to cosmetic aspect of your frame. For instance, those with oval face have balanced face shape. As a result, any frame design can suit them, provided that the prescription allows.

As soon as you are done identifying your prescription need, frame considerations and lens options, it’s time to merge all of these elements to come up with a look or appearance that flaunts your personal style and personality. With optical makeovers, combining function and fashion with your eyewear to suit your person comes easy.

It’s also important to say that different occasions would demand different looks. The present day’s eyewear fashions are versatile and will include sporty, casual, evening elegance and business classic designs.

Also, color trends are increasingly popular, including light-weight streamlined rimless that practically disappears on a wearer’s face. So, it’s not all about function but also fashion when it comes to eyewear. Your eyewear should both provide your vision needs and reflect your personal style, as well as your taste of fashion.