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Acuvue® Theravision Lenses

The First and Only Contacts With Built-In Allergy Eye Relief

Enjoy clear vision and itchy eye relief with Acuvue Theravision Lenses

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40% of contact lens wearers experience itchiness and eye allergy symptoms.

Want to wear contact lenses but worry that your eye allergies are holding you back? If your eyes feel irritated when you wear regular contact lenses, you’re not alone.

Thanks to Acuvue Theravision lenses, you can enjoy clear and comfortable vision—even with eye allergies! These medicated contacts provide instant, long-lasting relief. Because they’re disposable, you can say goodbye to complicated cleansing routines and simply throw them away before heading off to bed.

What Are Acuvue Theravision Lenses?

Theravision contact lenses are treated with an antihistamine called ketotifen that relieves itchiness and irritation caused by eye allergies and allergic conjunctivitis. Because these lenses deliver medication directly to your eye as you wear them, there’s no need to worry about buying and applying eye drops!

Theravision Lenses Offer Unbeatable Benefits to Eye Allergy Sufferers

  • Convenience: Just wear them once and throw them away! No need for complicated cleaning routines. And no need for eye drops, as built-in antihistamines provide quick and lasting relief.
  • Contacts year round. You don’t have to wear glasses during allergy season anymore. Free yourself with contacts all year long!
  • Built-in allergy medication. Keep eye irritation at bay with precise and consistent dosing that is released over time.
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Acuvue Theravision Lenses May Be Right for You If You Have:

Eyes that are Not Reddish
No More than a 1.00 D of Astigmatism

Discover the Difference With Acuvue Theravision Lenses

Are you ready to say goodbye to itchy eyes and hello to comfortable contact lenses? Ask Sheridan Optometric Centre about Acuvue Theravision Lenses today!


Are Acuvue Theravision Lenses Suitable for Kids?

While the average age for kids to begin wearing contacts is 13, children below that age can wear contact lenses with the approval of their eye doctor. Because Theravision lenses are disposable and don’t require daily cleaning routines, they're particularly suitable for kids with eye allergies.

Do I need a prescription for Acuvue Theravision contact lenses?

Yes. You need a prescription from an eye doctor to wear contact lenses, and Theravision lenses are no exception. Contact us to schedule an eye exam and contact lens fitting appointment at Sheridan Optometric Centre today.

Is it hard to take care of contact lenses?

Wearing regular contact lenses entails a consistent routine of cleaning, disinfecting and storing. Since Theravision lenses can be thrown away after each use, these routines aren’t required, making the lenses much easier to care for.