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Buying Glasses Online Or At Our Mississauga Optical

As the rate of online shopping increases for everything you wish to shop for, you may want to shop for eyeglasses online. No doubt, you get the convenience of shopping from home and a good price comparison.

But Is Buying Online Really The Same As Buying Locally?

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For a perfect vision through your spectacles, the optical center of your lenses should be directly in line with your pupils.

PD is the distance between the pupils. To fix your lenses in the eyeglass frame, the accurate value of your PD is required.

When buying online, it is you who must measure it and believe us, this is a perfectionist’s job. Agreed, you can find instructions online regarding how to measure your own PD, but many opticians too find it tricky to measure their own. You would be better off taking the help of an experienced optician for this. Wrong pupillary distance measurements can affect your vision whether or not the prescription is correct. 

If you visit a conventional store, an optician can suggest the perfect pair of eyeglasses for you. As you wear your eyeglasses for long periods every day, it is crucial to be extremely comfortable in them. This comfort depends on a multitude of factors, and an optician would be the perfect person to address all these factors when choosing your perfect pair of glasses.

The following are the factors that affect the comfort of your glasses:

  • Material of lenses - An optician can tell you the features provided by different lens materials, examples include the weight of the lens.
  • Lens features - Another important aspect is the strength of your lenses. An optician may suggest some that are light and thin, which may be your preference. Other features such as quality of construction and special hinges may be ideal for people who tend to break their glasses. 
  • Size - If your glasses are too big, they will slip, and it may give you a headache. If, on the other hand, they are too small, they may pinch you on the sides of your forehead, they may leave marks on your forehead or nose, and they will be very uncomfortable to wear.
  • Your facial features - head, eyes, nose. - Everybody has different features. An optician is trained to help people find glasses that work with your particular facial features. 
  • Shape and design of the frame - you can get myriad options in a store, some styles such as full/partial/no rim may affect the lifespan of the frame. 

 If you purchase online, you will miss out on this aspect of shopping. At a traditional store, on the other hand, you can try out as many glasses as you want, until you are completely satisfied with the look and feel of them on you. Though there may be online simulation options where you can get a picture of it by uploading your photograph, nothing beats trying it out. Still unsure, we encourage you to visit our Mississauga Optical with friends or family to help you decide. 

Not every online store has the same focus on quality and customer care. At Sheridan Optometric Centre, our team is dedicated to an amazing patient experience during your visit and when you go home with your new pair of glasses. We work with the leading lens providers for absolutely the highest quality optics. We strongly believe that this point is crucial for having the best vision from your glasses. 

Are you unsure of what lens coatings you need? There are so many options, transitions which darken when you go out into the sun, anti-reflective, anti-scratch, blue light protection and more. Our optical team will patiently walk you through the different options and help you decide what coating is the best fit for your lifestyle and needs. 

Our Mississauga Optical is truly a one-stop shop for all your optical and eye care needs. 

  • Amazing selection of the latest designer frames with a focus on quality 
  • The highest quality lenses and lens coatings 
  • A great selection of Plano and prescription sunglasses 
  • A wide variety of children's glasses 
  • Specialty eyewear including ski goggles, by Addidas and Zeal
  • Safety eyewear and specialty eyewear
  • Contact lenses