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Eye Exams


Sheridan Care Vision Analysis

As part of the Sheridan Care Vision Analysis, your full oculo-visual examination would include the following:

  • Patient Medical and Visual History
  • Automated/Computerized Pre-Testing (autorefraction and autokeratometry)
  • Visual Acuity measurement
  • Binocular Vision and Eye Muscle Testing
  • Subjective Refraction (a precise measurement of your glasses prescription)

Additional tests (which are performed when deemed necessary):

  • Colour Vision Testing
  • Stereopsis Testing

Please see "Sheridan Care Ocular Health Evaluation" below for the description of the remaining tests during your full oculo-visual examination.

Children require a unique approach. Read more about pediatric eye exams in Mississauga here.

Sheridan Care Ocular Health Evaluation

As part of the Sheridan Care Ocular Health Evaluation, your full oculo-visual examination would include the following:

  • Slit Lamp Examination (a biomicroscopic evaluation of the anterior structures of the eye)
  • Contact Tonometry (Intra-ocular Pressure measurement)
  • Fundus Examination (an evaluation of the internal structures of the eye including the lens, vitreous, retina & optic nerve with ophthalmoscopy)
  • Retinal Photography (also available)*
  • Patient Counseling & Plan of Action

Additional tests (which are performed when deemed necessary):

  • Pachymetry Testing
  • Amsler Grid Test
  • Automated Visual Fields Testing

*Retinal Photography - This highly recommended procedure is an additional test available which allows our eye doctors to have a high resolution image of your retina which can be stored electronically for future reference. This enables superior diagnostic capability and is an excellent method to monitor long term eye health.

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