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Protect Your Childs Vision With Soft Contacts For Myopia Control

Pediatric Eye Care at Sheridan Optometric Centre In Mississauga

Our optometrist’s offer the latest contact lenses for myopia control. Multifocal contacts made specially for myopia control are effective at reducing progression of myopia.

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Multifocal contact lenses have been shown to reduce myopia by 30-50%!

Multifocal soft contact lenses make a great choice for myopia control, kids love them and they are effective at reducing progression of myopia.

Why should you choose multifocal contacts for myopia control?

Help your child feel great about themselves by helping them learn better in school, look their very best, and see well.

✔ Protect your child's vision as they get older, kid's with high myopia are up to 1000% times more likely to have eye diseases such as retinal detachment and cataracts. 

 Soft contacts are safe, easy to use, and kids love them.

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What are contact lenses for myopia control?

Multifocal contact lenses are contacts that have different powers for different zones of the eye. Researchers have found that they are effective at reducing the progression of myopia significantly. A recent 3 year study of 144 children between the ages of 8 years old and 12 years old showed reduction of myopia progression by 59%!!!

Soft multifocal contacts are daily disposable contacts which makes them perfect for kids. Studies have shown that children prefer contacts over glasses and find them easy to care for.

Using our advanced eye care technology, we can fit your child for contact lenses. compress image 58 320x150

Who is a good candidate for soft contacts for myopia control?

There has been a tremendous amount of research on soft contact for myopia control over the last few years. Most of the research focuses on children between the ages of 8-12. Our optometrists recommend starting a myopia control program as soon as your child shows signs of being nearsighted. The goal of myopia control is to reduce the progression as much as possible in order to reduce long term risk. For children under 8, it is generally recommended that they use Atropine eye drops.

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