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Atropine For Myopia Control

Atropine For Myopia Control

Atropine eye drops are used by our Mississauga Optometrists to reduce the progression of Myopia in school aged children.

Recent studies have shown a significant slow down of progression of myopia with low doses of .01% Atropine eye drops.

The five year trial which can be found here shows a reduction of myopia progression with low dose Atropine by an astonishing 50%.

The significance of these findings are numerous.

  • Atropine can be used in conjunction with other forms of Myopia Control.
  • Atropine has a long history with no known risks.
  • Atropine is the best option for children who have myopia but are too young to begin with other treatments such as Orthokeratology or multifocal contact lenses.
  • Atropine when used in ultra low doses of .01% have no side effects.

Atropine is a widely used eye drop with over 100 years of usage by eye doctors even in those as young as 1 years old. One of the benefits of Atropine is that it is considered the best solution for younger children.

Now that you understand what Atropine is and why it is effective For Myopia Control, Let Us Look At Who Is The Ideal Patient.

Young Children

Atropine is ideal for young children for whom other methods of myopia control may not be a suitable fit. It is extremely important to begin a myopia control program for young children with Myopia as they have the highest risk of developing high myopia.
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Risk Factors

Certain ethnic groups are at higher risk of developing myopia, for example people of Asian descent have the greatest chance of developing myopia. In some Asian countries Myopia rates in children are as high as 90%.
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Long Term Benefits

The main reason for starting a myopia control treatment is that myopia as it progresses increases the risks of having many different eye diseases as the person ages. For example a person with high myopia will be at 10 times greater risk of retinal detachment.
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