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Myopia In Children When Treated With Glasses Alone Puts Your Child At Risk For Eye Disease

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Is Your Child Short Sighted?

Myopia is being called an epidemic by many with the rate of myopia expected to double every 10-20 years. In some countries the rates of child myopia are as high as 90+ percent.

Why Is Myopia (Short Sighted) A Serious Medical Concern?

As a child with myopia grows their myopia progresses or gets worse, the worse the myopia is the higher their risk of developing dangerous eye diseases such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts.

What is Myopia Control?

Myopia control is comprised of three primary treatment options that slow down the progression of myopia. As a child with Myopia ages their eyes become increasingly more myopic. Each method of myopia control has its pros and cons, during the eye exam our eye doctor will explain all the options.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

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Kids that have myopia control have a much lower risk of having dangerous eye diseases. Utilizing myopia control with an eye doctor that specializes in these techniques will provide extremely important preventative health care for your child.


Children who have myopia at a young age at a greatly increased risk of high myopia which has the greatest chance of causing eye disease. Your child should begin myopia control as soon as they are showing signs of myopia or even slight elongation (pre-myopia)


Myopia control techniques such as Ortho K and Multifocal Contacts improve social acceptance. Recent studies show that children greatly prefer contacts or Ortho K, and note drastic improvements in social acceptance.


Our Optometrists focus on being up to date on the latest research, techniques and methods of myopia control. Myopia control is an exciting area of Optometry today with incredible changes taking place all the time.


We look at every patient as family, and that is why we are so passionate about the importance of Myopia Control. During our myopia control eye exam we will explore all the options discussing the cost, efficacy, social impact, and age requirements.


Our focus on the patient is not just a phrase we throw around, our eye doctor and eyecare team really care about every patient that comes through our door. We listen to the feedback from our patients and are continuously seeking new ways to create a friendly and caring environment.

Using Myopia Control Will Ensure That Your Childs Eyes Are At Greatly Reduced Risk For Serious Eye Disease


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Sheridan Optometric is full of special people. Dr. Mus is professional and caring. He goes out of the way with advice, follow up, referrals because he puts his patients vision care front and centre to his vocation. The office staffs are patient to train my daughter with contact lens. They looked after my son’s glasses when it did not fit his face. My eye conditions are very complex with many different eye care centre visits for many years all over the GTA. I am so glad with the eyes complexities I have Dr. Mus to walk me through it. And with all the visits across GTA-none can compare to this. Compassionate, genuine, patient, faithful than Sheridan Optometric.Thank you also to other staffs: Michelle, Dorothy, Theresa, Jenny , Joyce et all. We are very grateful to all of you.

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