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Eye Allergy Treatment In Mississauga ON

Eye allergies can ruin a perfectly nice day. The itchy, watery, red, swollen eyes make enjoying the day out of the question. So, you take one of your allergy medicines to try and solve the problem, only many of the antihistamines used for regular allergies are not right for eye allergies. You feel like you have tried it all, allergy medicine and eye drops only to be stuck with the same symptoms and no relief.

At Sheridan Optometric Centre in Mississauga our team of caring and knowledgeable Optometrists have years of experience helping patients like you with eye allergies. We use the latest technology to fully assess the allergies, by magnifying the cornea and eye lid we are able to prescribe the right treatment option.

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What Causes Eye Allergies?

Eye allergies effect an estimated 40% of adults in Mississauga. During the summer and springtime pollen from trees or grass are the main cause, while during the winter dust and pets are the primary cause of eye allergies.


Who Suffers From Eye Allergies?

Allergies are interesting as they tend to effect people differently as they age. In childhood they are the most severe, then they subside during the 20's and tend to return in the 30's. At retirement age allergies tend to diminish in severity.

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Allergies and Contact Lenses

Your contact lenses may contribute to eye allergies. Contacts build up small deposits on the lens over time which can irritate the eye. Contact lens patients with eye allergies are encouraged to switch to daily disposable contact lenses.

Understanding Eye Allergies

Eye allergies or allergic conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the sensitive outer layer of the conjunctiva and inner eye lid. When the immune system detects the allergen it overreacts in an attempt to fight off what it thinks is a dangerous substance, this reaction creates chemicals that lead to the symptoms of watery, itchy, swollen, and painful eyes. Most eye allergies effect both eyes equally and occur a short time after coming into contact with the cause of the allergic reaction.

The most common causes of eye allergies are airborne allergens such as pollen from trees and grass, dander from pet hair, dust when cleaning the house, and mold. Some causes for eye allergies that are less common are, allergic reactions to makeup or other chemicals.

While eye allergies are a severe impediment to enjoying your day, they pose very little threat of long term damage to your eyesight. There are five types of eye allergies:

  • Seasonal Conjunctivitis: Seasonal allergies from pollen that tends to occur from May to August.
  • Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis: Allergic reaction to contact lenses, this can be corrected by switching to daily disposable contact lenses.
  • Contact Dermatoconjunctivitis: An allergic reaction to eye drops or makeup.
  • Perennial Conjunctivitis: Non seasonal allergies from triggers like dust and pets.

Treatment Options

Ocular (topical) antihistamines

Antihistamines can be an effective and fast treatment, although usage is usually not recommended for longer than 1.5 months. Oral may also be used in conjunction however for some people they may cause the eye to dry.

Ocular (topical) mast cell stabilizers

These work by preventing the Mast Cells from releasing histamine. While they are very effective, they require a few weeks before being effective and are therefore the best option when a patient visits prior to allergy season.

Ocular (topical) steroids

Considered a short term option for very severe eye allergies, they are not safe for long term use. It is very important to follow the exact instructions of your eye doctor when using topical steroids for eye allergies.

We Are Doctors, First & Foremost

Our Mississauga optometrists pride themselves on their level of continued education and proficiency with medical eye care. Our optometrists provide high quality eye care using the latest technology. In addition to their knowledge and tools, our Optometrists care about the well being of every single patient that visits our Mississauga practice.

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What’s Makes Our Practice Special?

Lots of Optometrists perform eye exams, but not as many are passionate about the overall well being of their patients. At Sheridan Optometric Centre in Mississauga we want you to get used to the idea that your Optometrist really cares about you.

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