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Atropine For Controlling Nearsightedness

Myopia Control in mississauga Ontario

Myopia or nearsightedness is one of the fastest growing vision issues in the world, and something our Mississauga optometrists deal with on a regular basis. Experts estimate that by 2050 more than 50% of the worldwide population will have nearsightedness. Traditionally nearsightedness has been addressed by optometrists by prescribing glasses to correct the refractive error, however, in the past ten years research has led optometrists to change their direction. The latest research conclusively links medium and high myopia to extremely high risks for eye diseases later in life. Patients with high myopia, for example, have a 2200% greater risk of developing retinal detachment which can lead to permanent vision loss.

One of the three methods preferred by optometrists and backed up by research is called atropine. Atropine eye drops have been used by optometrists worldwide to dilate the eye during an eye exam. However, research has shown that ultra-low doses of atropine have no noticeable effects on vision yet they significantly reduce the progression of myopia/nearsightedness.

In addition to its high level of effectiveness, atropine eye drops for myopia control is also an easy option for younger children who are either pre myopic or at the early stages of developing myopia.

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