Patient Care – The Heart of Our Mississauga Optometry Practice

Proudly serving Mississauga, Ontario for over 30 years, patient care is at the heart of our practice. Dr. Hwang, Dr. Lum, Dr. Mus and Associates continue the tradition of excellence in eye care for Sheridan Optometric Centre patients. Your vision and life matter to both the eye doctor and eye exam teams and we are committed to bringing new products and services that will best meet your needs and desires.


Focus on Eyeglasses

We carry the latest European and American designer eyewear collections in a variety of styles, colours and materials. Our Optical hand selects our eye glasses frames for quality, style, and value.

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Focus on Contact Lenses

Whether you wear daily, weekly or monthly disposables, or conventional (vial) lenses, check out our selection of lenses that fit your needs. We also carry the latest contact lenses that provide superior comfort for those suffering from dry eyes.

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Focus on Sunglasses

Whether or not you require vision correction, sunglasses can add an element of comfort and enhanced performance to your activities. Winter or Summer, sunglasses provide UV protection which is crucial to protecting your vision.

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Your Trusted Family Eye Doctor

At Sheridan Optometric Centre, our eye doctor believes in making eye care comfortable and convenient for our patients. When you call to schedule an appointment at our Mississauga practice, we will work with you to accommodate your schedule as best as we can. Our optometrist also encourages our patients to ask any questions they might have regarding their eye exam and subsequent treatment. Our optometrist forms lasting relationships with our patients. We incorporate what we know about your medical history into your eye exam, ensuring that we have the complete picture when it comes to your vision care and health.

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A comprehensive eye exam is the first step in ensuring healthy eyes and early diagnosis and treatment of potential ocular diseases. Sheridan Optometric Centre specializes in comprehensive eye exams for the entire family using the finest technology available in optometry to fully diagnose your eye health and detect the slightest changes in your eye sight.
We have an onsite lab for your convenience. Some eyeglasses can be made as soon as you choose your favorite designer frame.

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vision therapy mississaugaIn our effort to provide the best eyecare to our patients, we are proud to introduce our vision therapy centre led by Dr. Ubhi.

Vision Therapy is a customized program of eye exercises designed to teach your eyes to work together more effectively. While most vision problems can be addressed with glasses or contact lenses, there are some that require vision therapy.

Vision Therapy is for:

  • Amblyopia: Commonly known as Lazy Eye.
  • Strabismus: such as convergence insufficiency, the inability to keep the eyes properly aligned.
  • Binocular Vision: Very subtle allignment issues that result in eye strain and eye fatigue.

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Welcome Mona Ubhi, O.D.

Mona Ubhi OD

Dr. Ubhi joins us with a focus on Pediatrics, Binocular Vision, and Vision Therapy. We are excited to have her aboard and can't wait for you to meet her!

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Kathleen Lum Answers Your Eyecare Questions

Q: Is it okay to purchase my eyeglasses online?

Although purchasing glasses online may initially seem like a more cost effective and convenient option, there are a number of factors that need to be taken in consideration to optimize your eyesight through your glasses.

First of all, every pair of glasses must be custom fitted to not just suit your face but to also meet your prescriptive needs. Furthermore, accuracy of measurements such as your pupillary distance and optical center measurements are critical to ensure that your glasses provide the best possible vision. Improperly fitted frames and inaccurate measurements may lead to vision problems and/or headaches. Let’s not forget that there is also a question about the quality and safety of eyewear purchased online, as there have been studies which have proven that a fairly large percentage of eyewear purchased online contained an inaccurate prescription.

If convenience plays a large role to your decision making process, I also want to remind you that our office has an in-office lab that we can provide most single vision prescription glasses to you within around an 1 hour. Simply put, ordering a pair of glasses is not as simple as purchasing a pair of jeans or movie tickets and it is important to make an informed decision.

Summer 2016 – Check Out Our Designer Frames



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